Varsity Competitive Cheer · Pelion High School Cheer Try-Out Information

Greetings! We are so excited that you have expressed interest in trying out for the Pelion High School cheerleading teams.


During this unprecedented time, we are choosing to put the safety and security of our athletes before all else and will hold virtual tryouts for all teams.  Please follow the directions that are listed below and feel free to contact me directly ( or with any questions or concerns that you may have. 


Please understand that any activity that you choose to do for the purpose of this virtual tryout should be under the supervision, and with the permission, of a parent/guardian.  Pelion High School and the coaches of those teams will not be held responsible for any injury that may occur.  


With this in mind, we will show you two tryout videos.  You will have two videos to complete under the supervision of your parent/guardian.  Videos may be done in any location that your parent/guardian deems safest for you.


For JV and Varsity, all steps of the submission process are due by 12:00 pm on June 18th.  You may begin submitting material as soon as you feel comfortable.


If you have already completed your new physical please follow the instructions below in Step 1.  If not, you have until July 1st.  After July 1st you will not be able to practice until the new physical is completed.


Step One: Email your completed physical here: or

  • Take a picture of your completed physical with your phone
  • Create email and attach the picture of your completed physical
  • Write in the subject line your FULL NAME and school attending for the 2020-2021 school year
    • Ex.: Murray Galloway Cromer PHS
  • Once your physical is received, you will be emailed a confirmation (please give 48 hrs for me to send confirmation)


Step Two: Fill out the following Google Forms for the team(s) you are trying out for. If you are a middle schooler trying out for a high school team, you must fill out the form for both JV/Varsity and your middle school team. 


PHS JV/Varsity Tryout Form: 


Step Three: Watch the following videos. Take some time to learn and perfect the material.  You will be judged on accuracy, spirit, athleticism, crowd appeal, and potential.


Tryout Cheer:


Tryout Dance 


Toe Touch (and any other jump)


Step Four:  Wear dark shorts, white top, with hair up and out of face, when making your video. Next video yourself completing the cheer, dance and jump and submit your video in the boxes below. BEGIN YOUR VIDEO: Introduce yourself, the school you will be attending next year, and the grade you will be in next year. You may also OPTIONALLY show additional standing tumbling pass of your choosing and a running tumbling pass of your choosing. You may submit these in 1 video or multiple videos. These optional videos are not in any way required or suggested, and all tumbling must be done under the supervision and care of your parent/guardian.

  • Record your tryout video on your phone
  • Record optional tumbling video(s), if applicable
  • Click on the appropriate link(s) below
  • Attach tryout video from your Photo Library
  • Click “add another file” in the Dropbox window 
  • Attach optional tumbling videos, if applicable
  • Type the cheerleader’s First and Last name and email  in the submission window
  • Upload

*Larger files take longer to upload, so optional tumbling may work better recorded as a separate video


If trying out for PHS JV or Varsity, submit video here: 


High School Teams will be announced by 3:00 on June 19th via email (preferred email on form). 


There will be 2 mandatory ZOOM meetings at 4:00 (team meeting with cheerleaders) and 5:30 (parent meeting with parents) on June 22nd for those who make the Varsity team. The cheerleader will receive both links and needs to share the parent link with his/her parent.  Please make plans to attend these meetings.


For those who make JV, your coach will reach out to you with next step information in your acceptance email.


Please note that should you make a high school cheerleading team, a $75 nonrefundable sport fee will be due on Wednesday, July 1st.